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Bulk order is due on January 18, 2013

Current price list is now available.

If you want to fill out the form by hand,
then please print the form below.

2013 January Amazing Grains Bulk and Retail Order Form.pdf

If you have Excel or Open Office,
you can use the spreadsheet below. (Make sure to right click
and download the file instead of clicking on the file directly).

2013 January Amazing Grains Bulk and Retail Order Form.xls

January 2013 Grain Order

Just like last order, we will not have group leaders which mean all orders can be submitted to us. There is still a minimum order of 180 pounds which is equivalent to only four  45# buckets or 50# bags. If you canít make the minimum order you can still order at the retail price or you can get together with a friend and be sure to take advantage of the savings.

Please pass the word around so we can get in as many orders as possible. We have to meet minimum of 5,000 lbs. so every order helps.

If you have any questions about the order, you can email me at sandy @

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